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My name is Mansi and I am SO excited to share this life with you!

I am a recent graduate of East Tennessee State University, where I received a degree in journalism with a minor in international affairs. My family calls me the "queen of the side hustle" because I work a couple hours a week in MANY different places.

One thing you should know about me is that I love to create. I love to create works of art through my writing. I love to create safe spaces for people to feel comfortable. I love to create experiences through travel and adventure.

Most importantly, the Lord has sent me on a mission to create the space to proclaim His name. It is my goal to glorify Him in everything that He leads me to do, wherever that may be. I hope that reading these blog posts will be an encouragement to you, whether it's by seeing what God is capable of or just simply having a sister to relate to.

Welcome to my life. It's messy and weird and wonderful. I hope you love reading about it as much as I love living it!

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